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Best of 2018 Awards

Presented By Best Hybrid Mattress

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

There is not a mattress industry standard definition for a Hybrid Mattress. Many companies claim to sell a hybrid mattress. Best Hybrid Mattress has researched the topic extensively and we have determined that a hybrid mattress is a mattress that uses a minimum of 4" of high-performance foam in the comfort layer and individually wrapped pocketed coil for its support layer system. A true hybrid mattress combines the best of two worlds - supportive, motion isolating coil springs, with their contouring support and, and high-performance comfort foam that is also pressure relieving and durable. Putting the right amount of high-performance comfort foam together with a quality pocketed coil support system, hybrid mattresses provide the combination of support and comfort that you need to get restorative sleep.

Is there a perfect mattress?

There is not one best overall best hybrid mattress. That’s because there's not one mattress that will be best for every unique sleeper. The best hybrid mattress for you is one that meets your unique needs based on factors that include your weight, shape, sleeping position, comfort preferences, and budget.

The goal of Best Hybrid Mattress is to help you in your shopping journey by presenting a selection of the best hybrid mattresses based on independent, unbiased research. Armed with information and customer reviews, you’ll be able to compare the list and choose the right hybrid mattress for you.

Top 5

Best Hyrid Mattresses of 2018

the best hybrid mattresses

2018 Best Warranty Award | Best Hybrid Mattress

An Avocado Green Mattress is made with 100% natural Dunlop latex from tree-tapped and sustainable sources. The Avocado PillowTop mattress combines luxurious, 100% natural cushioning with a zoned, internal, pressure-point support system. The Avacado 25-year warranty has first 10 years with full replacement value and free return pickup services with an additional period of prorated coverage for 15 more years! Available online only, Avocado offers a 100-Night Free in-home trial and Free returns!

best hybrid beds
Beautyrest Silver  

2018 Best Coil System Award | Best Hybrid Mattress

The Beautyrest®Silvercollection is Simmons' lowest price collection of hybrid mattresses that has 5 models that meet the Best Hybrid Mattress requirement of 4"+ of high-performance comfort foam. There is a large selection to choose from with models that have better value than the Platinum and Black collections. The mattress model types are specialized when it comes to comfort and support—what's best depends on your preferences. All models feature the Simmons'1000 density Beautyrest coil system.

best hybrid mattresses; charles p rogers
Charles P. Rogers  

2018 Best Consumer Rated Award | Best Hybrid Mattress

Charles P Rogersprogressive layers of pure Talalay Latex combined with an exclusive Powercore 2™ coil system. Luxury plush slow-response latex plus triple thick layers of pure Talalay latex make this model an exceptional hybrid mattress. The Estate 9000 has a zipper top with reversible/replaceable latex comfort cassette offers softer/firmer comfort options and extends mattress life. This model is the most expensive of the Hybrid Mattress models we recommend but has the content to make it worth considering.

best hybrid mattresses; luma sleep
Luma Sleep  

2018 Best Consumer Value Award | Best Hybrid Mattress

Luma Sleep offers a unique two-layer Talalay Hybrid Latex Mattressthat lets you transform the feel of your bed BEFORE and AFTER purchase. 3 choices of comfort are available and you can exchange the comfort layer for FREE for a Full Year if you find it's not exactly what you need in comfort and support. The Slumber Systemincludes 2 luxurious Talalay latex pillows and an Aller-Free Tencel mattress protector. Available online only, Luma Sleep offers a 100-Night Free in-home trial and Free returns!

best hybrid mattress
Sealy Posturepedic  

2018 Best Gel Memory Award | Best Hybrid Mattress

Sealy's PosturepedicTechnology delivers reinforced support under the heaviest part of your body with 20% more coils—while also giving you that "sleep-on-top" feeling and comfort you expect from innerspring. If you are looking for a gel memory foam comfort feel with an engineered support system, the Sealy Posturepedic hybrid collection provides both reasonable choices.

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